Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Habits of Speech

Ever noticed that some people, when speaking, tend to use the same phrases or words over and over? It's like, they just keep repeating it, to the point where it becomes quite distracting while you listen.

It's like, do these people even know they are doing it? It's like, should I maybe mention it in case they just don't know? And I start to wonder, it's like, do I do something like that? It's like, are people staring at me while I talk, wishing I would stop saying whatever it is that I have formed a habit of saying?

I don't know the answer, but I do know that, it's like, quite distracting to be watching a webinar hosted by someone who is afflicted with this behavior. It's like, great webinar, fantastic topic, but it's like, I can't stay focused. It's like, I'm sorry.

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CanuckConsultant said...

Well, I notice that with you...we'll be in a meeting and then your tuerets act up and instead of a sensible question about SQL 2005 we get "Wiebe, your ass is fine!" and we're like WTF, what type of SLAM project are these guys working on anyway?!