Friday, October 10, 2008

New And Improved

When I began this blog, the idea was, ostensibly, to create a little corner of the interweb where I could espouse my views on the various and sundry details of software development, hopefully providing some useful information with a dusting of humour to keep things moving. Sure, a handful of posts strayed from the premise, but for the most part I tried to stick to my guns and not litter the site with pages of unrelated fluff. In my head I always wanted to maintain a ratio of at least 1:1 between crunch and fluff, as it were.

Unfortunately, what I've discovered is that there are long periods of time when, for various reasons, I have nothing relevant to add in regards to crunch. So what happens is that I end up posting nothing at all, because I don't want the blog to become overly fluffy. But you know what's worse than a fluffy blog? A dead one

So from here on out, the shackles are coming off. I'm going to post about whatever I feel like; be it sports, politics, arts, or anything else. Hopefully we'll get the odd software post mixed in, if for no other reason than to keep the name at least borderline relevant. But there are no promises.

So let us all raise our cups to the new and improved Code Baboon Blog!

... By the way, I'm virtually clinking glasses with all of my imaginary readers right now, and it's totally awesome.