Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transparent Intellisense = Happy Baboon

Just finished reading this post by Scott Guthrie and was extremely excited to see the new Transparent Intellisense feature in VS 2008. I am constantly vexed when I have to escape out of Intellisense, and this solution looks great.

As for the rest of the post, the VB Intellisense Filtering and C# Using Statement Optimizing are already in place in Resharper, so nothing mind-blowing there. And again I'm reminded how annoying it is that the two languages are diverging further and further from each other. Why can't both languages have those features? How hard would it be to port the Intellisense Filtering to C# and the Using Statement Optimizing into Import Optimizing for VB? Why does VB get cool LINQ Intellisense that C# doesn't get? Little interface things like this seem like such obvious candidates for cross-language compatibility.


CanuckConsultant said...

The whole "swap between VB and C#" was just a marketing "feature" back when .NET first came out. We're definately seeing that each is its own independant language, and although the assembly interop is still a great feature of .NET, we're just going to see the languages continue to diverge into their own features and toolsets.

Which isn't a bad thing...we wouldn't expect COBOL.NET to have all the same features of VB.NET...we've just been bombarded with "its easy to switch between VB and C#" for so long we're shocked that they're doing something that crates huge gaps between these two languages.


Dave Harris said...

But these aren't huge gaps, these are small little things that, really, should be in both languages. These aren't massive pieces of functionality, these are little Intellisense things that are just plain useful for everyone.