Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Reflections

We just brought home our Christmas '07 tree, which is so awesomely huge that, not only did it mark up the ceiling, but it also caused us to run out of lights! So I don't have any completed decorating shots yet, but I decided it might be fun to post the before and after shots of Christmas '05, when Molly, our goofy sheepdog (and at that time about 9 months old), decided to play with the tree one day while we were out.

Here is a look at our proud (yet admittedly small) tree from '05 in all it's glory:

And here is what it looked like after Molly had her way with it (I hurriedly stood it up before I thought to take a picture):

Finally, while there is no visual evidence of the culprit from that day, here is a picture from this afternoon. Do not be fooled by the innocent expression, this dog is 100% rascal...

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