Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I Becoming An Experienced Traveler?

I've now traveled twice since the last time I wrote about my usual misadventures. Once to Vancouver, and now again to New York. And both times, nothing really of note occurred.

For most people this is probably normal, but I am far from a normal traveler and so we should be expecting lots of good material whenever I get sent away from home. Sure I brought the wrong suit to Vancouver and through a quirk in how I unpacked my bag spent about 45 panicked seconds at 6:00am the first morning thinking I had brought no pants. Sure, I pack 2-3 times more stuff than anyone I travel with, including most recently 4 pairs of shoes for 3 days in New York. And sure, I'm still totally awkward in pretty much any situation that involves speaking with hotel staff.

But this stuff isn't really up to snuff; I seem to be getting too good at traveling. We can only hope that maybe next time I'll lose my passport and have to spend a few nights at the Canadian consulate or something.

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