Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My employer, Imaginet Resources, will be starting a series of webinars this spring. Details are just being worked out, but we will be producing one per week on a variety of topics. Currently I am scheduled to host two 'episodes':
  • May 28 2008 - WCF Service Gateways with C# 3.0 and Linq-To-Sql; and
  • June 25 2008 - NHibernate: An Entry-Level Primer
I'll post links to the rest of the topics and further details as they come out over the next couple weeks.

While many of the other presenters are seasoned vets at this sort of thing, this will be my first externally facing presentation. I'll probably post a couple of different thoughts as I prepare, and I will certainly post with my thoughts after each presentation. Hopefully I will learn some things that can be passed on to whichever poor soul Google's the wrong combination of terms and finds themselves at this blog.

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