Monday, May 12, 2008

Making The Switch Part 2

I didn't have time to do the full move to Ubuntu last night, but I did decide that I would try to work exclusively out of the Wubi installation today. Things went ok, although I did have to jump to Windows in order to view a Live Meeting with audio. This was kind of annoying because MS advertises that you can view Live Meetings via a Web Browser applet, but they neglect to mention that this doesn't include audio. But hey, who needs audio, right?

I guess I'll have to install Live Meeting into one of my VPC's, or make a Live Meeting Appliance or something. I expected to have to do this for actually presenting anyways, so not the end of the world, although it would be nice to be able to accept impromptu invites within the browser.

I also came across a pretty serious bug that I need to look into more; twice today I completely lost the ability to use my shift or caps lock keys. Yep, no capital letters, underscores, question marks, or exclamation marks. How can I _WORK_ without those?!

Anyways, I did a quick search and it appears to be related to VMWare, which kind of sucks considering how reliant I will be on virtual machines for much of my day to day activities. There is supposedly a command you can type into your terminal that will restore your proper keystokes, but whenever I brought up my terminal and started to type it would disappear (something not unique to me based on the comments I was reading relating to this bug). The only solution for me was to log out and log back in. Not good.

Again, I don't want to let this stop me from moving over, but it is a SERIOUS bug that will cause me to give up and go back to windows if I can't find a fix or work around in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe VirtualBox is the answer? I mean, if I'm going 'alternative', why stop at just the OS? Of course if I start dating men you'll know I've taken this too far.

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